Frequently Asked Questions

I am often travelling or out at a location doing a photo shoot. I can’t always answer my phone and may not get back to you for a few days. I do check my website messages (it’s easier) so the best approach is to read the questions and answers on this page and use my Booking form.

Don’t call - so how do I reach you?

Use my website Enquiry Form, my website Booking Form or try my Instagram or Facebook pages. If you already have my phone number, send me a text. I am easy to reach, I just dont keep my phone on when I am focused on my craft. 

How much is the Upfront Deposit?

This can depend on the size of the job or project. Personal or family shoots only need a small booking fee of around $85. If I need to travel to a location, I will need a deposit in advance to cover things like accommodation or travel costs. I will advise as part of our planning conversation.

Preparing for the best possible photo shoot?

Having your attire sorted is important to prepare in advance. Ensure all your group have agreed on what you will be wearing and probably have some different outfits ready. Grooming and cleaning material should also be ready for outdoor shoots.

This also applies to any props or background materials (your local Spotlight is good for this). 

Get the right location

The very first thing is finding a location that fits your connection to the landscape or who you are. Ocean, beach, cliffs, bushland, outback, rivers, rocks, buildings – have think about what is the right backdrop and we can discuss this together.

When I stay in a location, I won’t travel far for the shoot. It needs to have easy car access. I have a lot of gear so climbing a mountain might get a great view but everyone, including me, will not be at their best for the shoot. Planning the location and best time of day for the light is part of my quality process after you book.